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A charter onboard motor yacht Virgin Venture will always be a memorable one. Our past rentals have been superb and the guests have all had good things to say.

Below is a small selection of comments from motor yacht Virgin Venture's Guest Book

‘This has been the most memorable trip we have ever taken. Thanks for the water-skiing lessons, the wonderful cocktails and the gourmet meals. See you again next year’.

Dennis and Rosi Conklin - Arizona  

‘Thank you for an absolutely perfect week. You pampered us with your fantastic service, delicious food and refreshing drinks. Beautiful bays, great diving! Good times with old friends and new. We wish you all the best and hope to be back again’

Ken and Robin Roth - New Mexico  

‘Thanks so much for a wonderful vacation. What a great way to recharge your batteries. I didn’t realize how tightly wound up I was. The most relaxed I’ve ever been!’

Duff and Sherri - Texas  


'When we arrived we had a dream which we had been working on for a long time. A trip to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary together with our children, which by now you know are the most important part of our lives. But in that dream we never expected to find you, such a special couple, who made every effort to make us feel welcome, happy and loved.

Not often in life one is so lucky to meet people like you. You will be in our hearts forever. My only wish is that you get to meet a couple as special as yourselves during your lifetime.’

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Otto and Carmen Ortega - Florida 

'Great diving, great fishing, great skiing, great eating, great drinking, great music, great company, great boat, great crew, great cocktails, great tans, great snorkelling, great dancing. Great thanks to you both. Love from Great Britain!

James and Sarah - England

‘With Rosie and Leslie and Howard and Bob, could Kelvin and Tiffeny really call this a job?

We snorkeled and laughed and all was so sweet,

But much more important, “Have y’all cleaned your feet?”

The ocean so lovely, there’s time for a snooze,

But only for those who relinquish their shoes.

We saw turtles and fish, we ate treat after treat,

Sometimes it was chicken, sometimes it was meat.

No matter the treat, we tried hard to be neat,

For we knew in the end we’d be cleaning our feet!

It really was great,

We all had a blast.

It’s hard to believe that a whole week has passed.

You guys really know how to put on a show,

We will be back again with clean feet in tow!

Many thanks’.

Bob and Leslie Rocky - South Carolina

Howard and Rosemary - England 

Even though these endorsements about motor yacht Virgin Venture are great.. The best endorsement is the one you will write. So live the dream you have always had, and book a caribbean charter on motor yacht Virgin Venture.
You will enjoy the splendour of sailing the Caribbean in unashamed luxury on your all inclusive vacation package aboard motor yacht Virgin Venture. This queen of the Caribbean charter fleet is a floating luxury apartment offering accommodation for six guests. She is fully crewed which means you will not have to lift a finger whilst on board.

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