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A Paradise in the Caribbean

Just 50 miles east of Puerto Rico - but light years away in setting and style - are sixty-odd islands, islets and cays of virtually untouched splendour. Known familiarly as the BVI, life here centres on the natural riches of land, sea and sky. Nature's little secrets - those enlightening moments when man and environment are in perfect harmony - provide an uncomplicated and gratifying escape from the stresses of modern life. If this sounds too good to be true then read on.

Mile-long Beaches and Secluded Islands

From ancient rum distilleries to tropical rain forests, from mile-long beaches to secluded islands, the BVI abounds with nature's secrets.

Pirates were once frequent visitors to the area's sheltered coves, but it was the Dutch who first settled here in 1648. They were soon followed by the English who annexed the islands in 1672. The ruins of forts and sugar plantations can still be seen throughout the BVI making exploring the islands fun and educational.

A Beach to Suite Every Mood

In the British Virgin Islands, there is a beach to suit every mood. You can socialise or be completely alone, dance until the sun sets over Jost Van Dyke or lazily snorkel above colorful reefs, body surf in thunderous waves or float placidly in still waters as warm as a bath. 

Roam the beaches of the BVI and you will find at least one that will keep calling you back.


BVI dive sites are a virtual fairyland of colors

If you want to sample the deep, there is Scuba Diving on the British Virgin Island's fascinating coral reefs. These are some of the most beautiful in the world and will offer you an experience never to be forgotten. BVI dive sites are a virtual fairyland of colors and vary from dramatic coral-covered pinnacles to peaceful underwater gardens. These are home to lace-like sea fans, iridescent sponges, neon-colored fish , and scores of other delightful creatures. Eventually almost every diver heads for the famed 1867 Wreck of the RMS Rhone.

If you prefer to stay nearer the surface, snorkelling offers you a view of this underwater fairyland. There is no better way for the non-diver to enjoy the beauty of our underwater world. You can snorkel off many island beaches including Smuggler's Cove and Brewer's Bay on Tortola, The Baths and Devil's Bay on Virgin Gorda, and White Bay on Jost Van Dyke.


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